07 Nov 2017

Romanian PM: New public-private partnership law ready next week

Romania’s Government will pass the new regulation on public-private partnership contracts through an emergency ordinance on Wednesday or next week at the latest, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose told local mayors yesterday. He also promised the local officials that a new set of laws for public purchases would be sent to

01 Sep 2017

Romanian minister: Law on PPP might be in place by October 1

The new law on public-private partnership could come into force by October 1, said yesterday Ilan Laufer, minister for the business environment. Laufer spoke at the Annual Diplomacy Meeting yesterday. “We have a new law, but it is not applicable because we have no norms,” the minister said. The public-private

05 Jun 2017

Qatar likely to issue public-private partnership law by the summer: PwC

Qatar is expected to finalise a new law governing the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) by the summer and will likely use the model for one of its FIFA World Cup stadiums, according to a new report by global consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Historically, Gulf governments have funded most of their

02 Jun 2017

NEDA asked for guidelines on which infrastructure projects are suitable for PPP

THE PPP CENTER has asked the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) to come up with guidelines for assessing the best mode to implement infrastructure projects after the government said it favors “hybrid” methods of financing projects instead of public-private partnerships (PPPs). The PPP scheme — the centerpiece infrastructure program

31 May 2017

Fed Govt, Reps begin overhaul of PPP laws

The House of Representatives has declared its intention to overhaul the extant laws on Public Private Partnership (PPP). The position of the House was also supported by the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) on the basis that the review will accelerate the process of infrastructure development in the country. At the

08 May 2017

New Public-Private Partnership Law to Launch in Qatar: Official

A senior official at Qatar’s Ministry of Economy and Commerce has confirmed that a new law defining the regulatory mechanisms and governing the operations of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) businesses in Qatar is to be issued soon. The proposed law, now in the final stages of approval, is expected to clearly

02 May 2017

Qatar plans new public private partnership law this year, private sector set to gain

Qatar is giving final touches to the new public private partnership (PPP) law, which will provide a sound legal framework for the multi-billion dollar projects that are being planned, a move that will not only boost foreign direct investment but also fix accountability and provide for monitoring efficiency in the

19 Apr 2017

Public-private participation for highway law enforcement

In some countries, public-private partnerships for road traffic law enforcement are helping to greatly reduce traffic fatalities. But careful implementation is essential, according to a new white paper. Big brother is watching you. Speed cameras are just a cash cow for local authorities. Police use them to keep their speeding

13 Apr 2017

New law to open doors for PPP projects in many sectors

The Omani government is aiming to adopt a lean governance structure and planning to open doors for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in many sectors with a new law. The current governmental efforts also include the establishment of an entity as well as a framework that clearly states the ownership

07 Apr 2017

Qatar ‘edging closer’ to enacting PPP law: Meed

Qatar is “edging closer” to enacting its public-private partnership (PPP) law, which according to Meed Business Review, will help the country deeply engage with its private firms. Projects developed under the PPP framework will help reduce the burden of capital expenditure on Doha, which has committed to spending $70bn on