Queensland Government 'urgently' reviews train contract amid Uyghur human rights abuse concerns

Queensland's Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey has directed his department to review whether the state's New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) trains contain parts sourced from slave labour factories in China.

Earlier this week, the US Government announced it had blacklisted KTK and 19 other companies from future contracts, after finding they were implicated in human rights abuses against Muslim Uyghurs in China.The Queensland Government has an ongoing relationship with KTK, and Mr Bailey said he had now directed his department to determine the extent of the existing contracts.

"My department is urgently investigating KTK Australia's role in the New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) project that was manufactured overseas," Mr Bailey said."KTK supplied parts for the NGR trains that were built overseas several years ago, and we're aware KTK has also previously been contracted as a supplier of parts and components for other rail projects in Sydney and Melbourne."

Mr Bailey said the Government condemned human rights abuses of any kind, and expected QTECTIC, as the maintainer of the NGR trains, to arrange alternative suppliers as soon as possible.KTK Group said there were no substantiated allegations it was aware of that suggested it had used forced labour at any of its facilities.

Queensland's NGR trains are being modified at a cost of $335 million to become compliant with the federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992."The contract to design and construct the fleet of 75 new passenger trains overseas was signed by the former Newman LNP Government," Mr Bailey said.

"The contract to manage and maintain the NGR fleet under a public-private partnership structure was also struck under the Newman LNP Government."Under that structure, the QTECTIC consortium is responsible for the ongoing management and maintenance of the NGR fleet."


Source: Abc