Romanian minister: Law on PPP might be in place by October 1

The new law on public-private partnership could come into force by October 1, said yesterday Ilan Laufer, minister for the business environment. Laufer spoke at the Annual Diplomacy Meeting yesterday. “We have a new law, but it is not applicable because we have no norms,” the minister said. The public-private partnership is very attractive in Romania for the private market, according to Laufer, reports local “Those who are going to enter a public-private partnership will make a reasonable profit without assuming a major risk,” he added. The future law on public-private partnerships in Romania will differentiate between projects that can be implemented locally and those that need the Government’s approval, Laufer said in July. For example, a EUR 10 million project doesn’t have to pass twice through the Government. On the other side, the Government’s approval is necessary for a EUR 100 million project.       Source: romania-insider