The public-private partnership to save America’s economy

America is facing a situation unlike anything we’ve seen in modern history. On scale, it may be the greatest threat since the Civil War. The Chinese Coronavirus threatens to decimate our economy and kill a lot of people. If it extends into July or August as many are suggesting, we may not be able to fully recover for years, if ever.

The White House is likely going to initiate an emergency direct-to-citizen expenditure. As many fiscal conservatives have said, they hate it but what other options are there? Some fiscal conservatives are still saying no without offering solutions that can help Joe Citizen and his family pay the rent at the end of this month. As much as government wants to be the solution to every problem, this is one that requires a better option. It’s time for President Trump to call in a favor on behalf of America.

Disney, Amazon, Walmart, ExxonMobil, and a thousand other American corporations flush with cash need to step up. Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mike Bloomberg, and a hundred other billionaires need to do so as well. If President Trump made a public request, then held a meeting with those who have benefited most from American capitalism, they could put together a true aid package for America that would secure our economic future in a week. The hundreds of billions of dollars necessary to fulfill the temporary “Andrew Yang Plan” of Universal Basic Income on a temporary basis has to come from somewhere. Instead of relying on Quantitative Easing and expanding the deficit, it behooves those with the means to step in to do just that. They will lose more money from a collapsing economy than the billions they could give right now to prevent it from collapsing.

All it takes is coordination and a persuasive former business man to get the first few feet on the dance floor. Many if not most of the rest will follow. If a quarterback in the NFL and his wife can buy a million meals for the people of Seattle, imagine what Apple could contribute.


Source: Noqreport