ABC Integrado signed the PPP deal for São Paulo monorail contract

ABC Integrado, the Brazilian-Argentine consortium attained a tender to build, operate and maintain a 4.2bn-real (US$1.84bn) monorail in the city of São Paulo, identified as metro line 18. Miriam Belchior, the planning minister was present there when the public-private partnership contract was signed. The consortium was the sole bidder for the contract. It is made up of local engineering group Primav, which controls highway operator EcoRodovias, local construction companies Encalso and Cowan, and Argentina’s Benito Roggio Transportes. An annual concession payment of 316mn reais, or 0.27% below the 317mn-real ceiling price called for in the tender documents was demanded by the group. In return, it is capitalizing 1.9bn reais in the project. The remaining 2.3bn reais will come from public coffers. The 25-year concession calls for building a 15km monorail, with 13 stations from São Paulo city to the neighboring ABC region, an industrial region in greater São Paulo. Construction should be finished in 2018.   Source: