Ágora Bogotá Convention Center, an example of successful PPP, is going to be opened in first trimester of 2017

The Ágora Bogotá International Convention Center, which is under construction presently, is working in the opening in the first trimester of 2017. Ágora is a public private partnership with the involvement of Corferias, the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, and the Colombian national government. The centre has already reserved major events such as the World Neurosurgery Congress in 2021, and the One Young World youth event. The new convention center will attach the present Corferias complex, the primary exposition venue in Colombia’s capital. Alexandra Torres, director of marketing and sales said, “Bogotá was competitive for its hotel quality, air connectivity, and human resources. The maximum capacity for events was 1,500 people. But with the arrival of Ágora Bogotá, this opens a very big door to the industry, permitting 4,000 visitors just in our new international center, and up to 15,000, in conjunction with the rest of Corferias.” After the Olympic Games, One Young World brings together more youth from more countries together than any other. In addition to the above-mentioned global events, 17 corporate and commercial events have already been reserved through the coming years.     Source: financecolombia.com