Pro-Phalt launches PPP model for road maintenances

Under a programme dubbed PATCHGABS, the company will approach private companies that are willing to sponsor road repairs on behalf of government. “We decided to come up with this initiative as government is facing budgetary constraints. Pro-Phalt will take the lead and source sponsorship from private companies for the repair of roads in their environment and in return we have to find a way of giving them some recognition for their corporate social responsibility,” Pro-Phalt co-director, Kagiso Kwelagobe said yesterday. Pro-Phalt has also presented what they term a ‘revolutionary’ infrared pothole repair technology system, which they say is cost-effective and eco-friendly. Demonstrating how the pothole technology repair works at a mini-ceremony held in front of Gaborone City Council premises yesterday, co-director of the company, Kwelagobe told attendants that through the technology, they are looking forward to revolutionising road maintenance in the country. Kwelagobe said the innovative technology would address the gap in civil infrastructure as well as create socio-economic opportunities. “We provide a unique permanent pothole repair solution to the country’s pothole problem,” Kwelagobe told the attendants, who included the assistant minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Frans Vander Westhuizen, councillors and other government and private sector officials. The infrared pothole repair technology is housed in what is called a Pan Van (PV) system.  The integrated system houses all the equipment and signage needed to provide what Kwelagobe terms a complete solution for mobile road repairs on environments such as a highway. The Pro-Phalt road repair process recycles the existing road surface layer around the attended pothole and produces a heat-sealed seamless repair. The idea is to create a thermo bond between the repair area and the existing wearing course. After the surface around the pothole is cleared as Kwelagobe demonstrated, a portable infrared heater is positioned over the pothole. The heater then heats the surface area up to 200 degrees Celsius within about eight to 10 minutes. He said the initiative also promotes the Public Private Partnership (PPP) on the business community that has keen interest to help the government on road maintenance and pothole repairs. According to Kwelagobe, Pro-Phalt, which started operations in 2013, has through the road maintenance technology completed to date 3,910.3 square metres of the pothole repair project on the Malotwana-Mochudi roadwork for the Department of Roads. The other project that Pro-Phalt has prepared includes 9,741 square metres of pothole repair on the Serowe-Mosolotshane roadwork still for roads department. Pro-Phalt has also worked on a few private pothole repair projects for companies such as Naledi Trucks and Motors, Turnstar Holdings, Game City repairs amongst other projects. Kwelagobe said in line with their socio-economic development policy, Pro-Phalt Botswana has employed, trained and transferred skills to some young Batswana across local communities. “As part of our mandate Pro-Phalt Botswana will continue to proactively find ways to add value to the community we serve,” Kwelagobe, who co-owns the company with Terence Mulwa, said.       Source: mmegi