Public-private partnerships under consideration to improve infrastructure, roads in Virginia

Drivers across Northern Virginia have gotten used to the sometimes high cost of the I-495 or I-95 Express Lanes, and some like Chris Driggers of Lorton don’t mind at all, “I really like the fact that they put that on the highways. I think it’s an efficient thing you know.” Supporters of the so-called Hot Lanes say they get commuters to their destination in a hurry, and many believe the success of this public-private partnership project…government and industry…could serve as a model as President Donald Trump calls for a one trillion dollar infrastructure plan. “The opportunities I think are limited.” Transportation analyst Alan Pisarski, who is an advisor to the White House on the infrastructure plan, says private companies operating the roads will only invest in areas where traffic is heavy and drivers will pay, “You’re not gonna see this in Wyoming and Montana and North Dakota, places with vast expanses with not a lot of traffic this is not going to be the answer.” Pisarski thinks the private-public model will only fill five to 10 percent of the need, but will help a great deal in densely populated urban areas.       Source: wjla